Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to easily look younger

Many people who are not confident with her appearance that looks old. Look old is also a concern of the elderly woman began. To overcome we gives these tips for you:

1. Keep your hair length between the chin and neck.

Sectioned side bangs and hair no longer than shoulder will make you look younger.

2. Wrong color lipstick can make you look old.

Do not use brown or matte lipstick, because it would blur the line of your lips. Use the lipstick color is more creamy and glossy if necessary. Glossy lipstick that will make you look younger.

3. Keep using the cream blush and shadow.

Getting older, then your skin will be dry, so use a powder blush will make your facial lines and wrinkles clearly visible, while the creamy product that will make your skin look supple.

4. Curl eyelashes.

Curl eyelashes can make your eyes look 10 times bigger and prettier. Make sure you add mascara, but use mascara before you curl your lashes. Also make sure your mascara is dry when done.

5. Do not unplug your eyebrows too much.

Once your 30s, you have to be careful in your eyebrows pull out, because eyebrows likely will not grow back if you pull excessively at that age.

6. Try teeth whitening.

Over time, teeth may yellow by coffee, tea or red wine. You can whiten teeth quickly with products such as Crest White strips.

7. Stand up straight.

Think about all the sexy women that you know. They stand tall and confident. Stand up straight with good posture will not only make you look slimmer in seconds, but will make you look five years younger as well.

8. Good night's sleep.

Some of the things that makes people look old is the lack of a good night's sleep. It makes your eyes puffy, your skin is pale and dull, and relax your face.

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